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Prosthodontist are the educated choice for complex dental treatment such as a full mouth rehabilitation.  Years of formal advanced training beyond dental school  provides prosthodontists with advanced procedures and techniques unique to the specialty which can shorten treatment time and provide you with a consistently higher level of care.

What can I expect at my full mouth rehabilitation consultation?

Because of the complexity of this type of dental treatment, a long and detailed plan with the final outcome in mind is required before the commencement of any treatment.  Unique qualifications and experience of a prosthodontist are necessary and  you can be sure that Dr. Stankewitz will take every step necessary to insure the best possible outcome.  

What is the full mouth rehabilitation procedure?

Full mouth rehabilitation is a complex cascade of treatment that is tailored to each individual.   The outcome must be esthetic as well as functional to restore the mouth to complete health that can be maintained for years to come.

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Is a full mouth rehabilitation the best choice for me?

Many times, patients ask if extensive treatment such as a full mouth reconstruction can be treated one tooth at a time.  Unfortunately, due to the complexity, the best way to approach treatment is in a coordinated way where upper and lower arches are completed together.  This ensures that that each tooth mates with its opposing tooth properly and functions perfectly when you chew.  Additionally, the shapes and shades of your reconstructed smile can be made in a coordinated way with less chance of discrepancies.

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