Reconstructive Dentistry encompasses prosthodontic procedures which can repair or replace teeth to last for many years of comfort, beauty, and function. A prosthodontist like Dr. Stankewitz has many years of training and experience to help you return your mouth to total health through the use of advanced techniques which are unique to the specialty of Prosthodontics. Complex procedures such as required for a full mouth rehabilitation are treated with the same precision and accuracy as simple treatments such as dental fillings. We are a unique, patient centered practice in the Memorial City Memorial Hermann Medical Center. 

Dental Crowns Houston Reconstructive Dentistry


Wear and decay can take its toll on your teeth. Sometimes there are so many teeth that are decayed or missing that the best choice of treatment may be a coordinated, all encompassing approach to treatment

Dental Bridge Houston Reconstructive Dentistry


You want to be the best you can be! Don't let an unattractive smile keep you from putting your best foot forward. Dr. Stankewitz is an expert in designing and creating beautiful smiles. Call and book an appointment for a smile makeover today.


If you have small chips or fractures on your front teeth or maybe you have teeth that have spaces between them, then dental bonding provides a simple fix for you. Schedule a consultation and we can evaluate your particular situation.

Fillings Houston Reconstructive Dentistry


If you have small areas of decay on you teeth and want to be assured that as much of your natural tooth is saved, resin or porcelain fillings are the first choice.

Dentures Houston Reconstructive Dentistry


We specialize in removable and non removable dentures that can be supported with dental implants. For a natural look, a more secure connection, and a much better eating experience, connect with out office to explore your options.