The most important steps in dental bridge treatment is a thorough examination and a proper diagnosis. Only then can a detailed treatment plan be made that will insure an outstanding clinical result. After careful analysis of your individual circumstances, it can be determined what kind of bridge would be best for you and what materials would be best to make it from.  Sometimes preparatory work may be necessary prior to starting bridge treatment.  If your bridge is to be supported by implants, then implant placement and healing may take several months before your bridge can be started.  If your bridge is supported by natural teeth, you may need treatment to improve the gum tissue surrounding your teeth prior to bridge fabrication. After your new bridge is fabricated and checked for proper fit and integration into your mouth, it is  permanently fixed in place.  It is critically important that you understand how to care for your bridge so that you have a good long term result.  This and more can be discussed with you at your consultation visit.